"The noise of the big
box is nice from afar."

Kurdish proverb
Box holder
Box holder
Box holder
Box holder

Box holder

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  • Permissible box size: up to 65x47,5x70cm
  • 60kg payload (includes box and contents)
  • Box with rear opening recommended (so as not to come into contact with the module that can be positioned above)
  • The case can be bolted or strapped to the box holder

Nota bene: if you have a taller box(>70cm), contact us to check compatibility.
Install, load, travel!
Easy to mount and secure.

Simple and clever, the body is screwed from the inside using the supplied counter plate. This secures your equipment. Once padlocked, the box is protected against theft, because it is firmly attached to the crate holder, from the inside!


You can fix your box there but not only! Thanks to the numerous "H" shapes, you can easily strap a large bag for example.


You can turn your box into a worktop, or even an outdoor kitchen. This surface falls right at the right height. Very practical for cooking at the camping spot.


- 650mm wide
- 500mm deep
- 700mm high

Up to 60 kg payload (box + equipment).

Prefer boxes with front opening if you want to put a module above

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