Les fondateurs de la SKEP devant le porte-matériel Jacquard avec un porte-vélos

"This is SKEP"


Our mission is to create equipment for adventure vehicles to allow you to live a unique experience. Our only limit is the creativity of the SKEP® community!

We are a company in full development, we wish to structure the SKEP® through various commitments:

The first is to set up a system of pre-orders. The idea is simple: manufacture exactly the number of units that have been ordered. Thanks to this, we will be able to limit stocks to a minimum, avoiding phenomena of over-production and therefore possible waste.

Secondly, we want to place innovation at the center of SKEP® DNA. Innovation allows us to develop products taking into account the major challenges of our time. In concrete terms, we work on the durability of our products: the best product is the one that lasts the longest. We are also working on optimizing the weight of the gear carrier. By reducing its weight, while maintaining its level of resistance, we want to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle. This also involves the use of materials that have a low impact in terms of pollution.

Finally, we are committed to following a simple principle that has guided us from the start: to offer to Skepers products that we want for ourselves. We want products that allow us to go on an adventure while making the most of our travels. We want products that are resistant, durable and made in France.

Théo & Pascal


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All SKEP® products are made in France. We are committed to highlight French know-how and participating in reindustrialization.

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Our priority is to design quality products that last over time. SKEP® products can accompany you on all your adventures.

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We develop our products and our strategy with members of the SKEP® community. They play a central role by intervening in all stages of the company.


Notre process

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1.Design & calculations

First step, we co-design with the community, a new product like the gear carrier or one of its modules. This is an opportunity for us to discuss with the Skepers to co-design the ideal product with them. Click to join the community .

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Second step, we prototype a first product to test it in real conditions, on roads and on trails. We do that in order to validate the calculations, to present it to the community and to make improvements by adding for example: modularity, stiffness, etc.

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3.Approval & Quality

Third step, we certify the product with competent organisms in all UN countries. Our partners are all ISO 9001 certified and our quality processes guarantee the conformity of the manufactured parts.

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Fourth step, it's up to you! You configure your gear carrier then you order. You also choose whether you want to do the assembly yourself or call on one of our partners.

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Fifth step, we start manufacturing, according to your request. This approach allows us to reduce the environmental impact of the SKEP®, because we only manufacture what is strictly necessary.

Our process
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6.Delivery and Assembly

Last step, depending on your choice of assembly, we deliver your order, either to your home or to one of our partners. All you have to do is mount it and after that, it's up to you to go on an adventure with your Jacquard® gear carrier.

The adventure