Instructions to fix the SKEP magnetic bottle opener

To fix your SKEP magnetic bottle opener you have two possibilities:

Screw on the SKEP magnetic bottle opener:

Time needed : 1 minute

Materials required : 5 self-tapping screws (supplied), a screwdriver, a pozidriv screwdriver bit.

Compatible surfaces : wood, plastic, aluminum, thin sheet steel.

For all other harder surfaces, we advise you to pre-drill with a suitable drill of 3-4 mm diameter.

The bottle opener is fixed in 6 steps :
  • Insert a screw in the hole at the top left of the bottle opener,
  • Screw the first screw at the top left, holding the bottle opener on the surface of your choice,
  • Then screw the screw at the bottom right (this allows an easy assembly),
  • Screw the other two screws,
  • Position your fifth screw in the hole in the magnet provided for this purpose,
  • Screw the magnet into the lowest hole (be careful not to tighten it too much to avoid the risk of breakage).
Now you can enjoy your favorite drink!

Glue the SKEP magnetic bottle opener:

Time needed : 5 minutes

Materials required : Epoxy glue or one-component polyurethane mastic-adhesive, degreaser such as cleaning thinner and a cloth.

Compatible surfaces : for smooth surfaces we recommend epoxy glue and for rough surfaces we recommend one-component polyurethane mastic-adhesive.