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Following your feedback, we have decided to integrate a hitch ball on the gear carrier to be able to always tow a trailer. The ball will be installed on the “hitch” part of the gear carrier. The latter must be removed from the hitch to tow a trailer.

In order to install the gear carrier, it is necessary to remove the hitch which may already be present on your campervan and replace it with the “SKEP hitch”. The advantage of already having a hitch is that an electrical harness and a 13-pin socket will already be present on the vehicle, which greatly facilitates the installation of the gear carrier.

The gear carrier is sold with its hitch. Only the electrical part on the vehicle side is not included (electrical harness with 13-pin plug).


Yes, we have created videos that explain in detail the assembly of the gear carrier.

Yes, we have developed an assembly network throughout France and Switzerland to allow you to mount the gear carrier on your vehicle.


We will start marketing with the VW T5-T6 & Renault Trafic 3 (and its derivatives: Opel, Nissan, Fiat) before summer 2022. The VW T4, Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato (Jumper & Boxer included), Ford Transit and VW Crafter for the year 2022. Then we will market the gear rack for the Ford Transit Custom, Mercedes V/Vito Class and vehicles from PSA. Then on pick-ups and 4x4s.

The gear carrier is divided into 3 sub-assemblies:

- Set 1 the SKEP hitch: it makes the link between the vehicle chassis and the gear carrier. It is bolted to the frame.

- Set of 2 horizontal bar + the 2 arms: it is bolted to the hitch by 4 screws.

- Set of 3 the vertical uprights receiving the modules : they are bolted to set 2 using 4 screws per upright.

With 2 people, it is best to dismantle the entire gear carrier from its hitch and place it on the ground (duration of the operation 10min). If you are alone, it is preferable to disassemble set 3 then set 2 to facilitate handling (operation time 20min). It goes without saying that it is necessary to empty the contents of the modules (bicycles, box contents, jerrycan, etc.) to lighten the whole thing as much as possible.

The weight of the gear carrier is around 60kg excluding modules.

200kg payload: this load may vary depending on the vehicle. The weight of the gear carrier and its payload are counted in the load of the vehicle.

With padlocks and cables attached to the structure of the gear carrier. It's up to you to choose what suits you best.

Yes. To operate on doors, you must select the "doors" option in the configurator.

The gear carrier is positioned after the bumper, which makes the reversing radars inoperative, as on a bicycle rack installed on a tow ball. For some vehicles (some versions of the VW T6 for example), connecting the 13-pin socket for the additional gear carrier lights automatically deactivates the reversing radars.

We are currently testing a wireless reversing camera, installed on the gear carrier, with video signal transmission via WiFi to the smartphone. This can be plugged into the electrical harness of the gear carrier with connectors reserved for this purpose. The advantage of a wireless camera is that it does not require the passage of a cable carrying the video signal between the rear and the front of the vehicle. This operation can be complex with the layout of our vans.

We designed the gear carrier to be fully modular. It is therefore very easy to switch from winter to summer configuration and vice versa. It takes about 15 minutes to disassemble the ski racks and replace them with the bike rack rails.

We have strategically placed rivet nuts on the structure of the gear carrier, which allows you to install a multitude of additional accessories: recovery tracks, Rotopax jerrycans, 4G antenna; and everything you can imagine!

We are currently developing a horizontal rack to carry heavy bikes (>20kg). The disadvantage of the horizontal rack is that the installed bicycles can be positioned at the level of the upper floor of the modules and therefore prevent their installation.

Yes, approved in all European countries (Switzerland and Great Britain included).

The gear carrier is made in France.


Yes, you will have the option of paying in 4 installments free of charge or in 10 installments with a 7% fee.