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  • Payload: 200kg - 100kg per arm
  • 180° opening of the arms, lockable at 165°.
  • Easy opening/closing of the arms thanks to our patented systems
  • 100% modular thanks to multiple module slots
  • Equipped with additional LED lights and license plate holder
  • Pre-equipped with 12V power supply for wireless rear view camera
  • Fully removable system - no drilling into the body
  • Treated against corrosion by cataphoresis + black textured powder coating
  • Designed for intensive use on trails
  • Equipped with rivet nuts into the structure in order to install a multitude of accessories (recovery tracks, Rotopax canister, additional LED lights etc.) and all future SKEP modules!
Install, load, travel!
Easy to mount and secure.

Made in France


Corrosion protection


200 kg of payload!

With its 100 kg per arm, you won't have to make any more concessions.

It's a mounting base, designed to mount the modules already designed, but also those to come.

To carry your specific equipment, the Jacquard® has a large number of holes and rivet nuts for screwing, strapping, securing your equipment securely.

The modules
Easy access to your equipment

No more going back and forth in the van to get what you want. With the gear carrier, you can access your equipment in a few seconds to set up your camp quickly.

Tailgate and doors

Keep your van 100% functional. If you have a van, you know that rear access is essential. Thanks to its arms that swivel up to 180°, the gear carrier allows you to access your tailgate or your double doors.

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Hitch and tow

On some vehicles (Volkswagen T5 & T6 for the moment), you can select the "hitch ball" option to tow your trailer up to 750kg.

Is my vehicle compatible?

The Jacquard® gear carrier is common to all vans. The part that varies is the hitch which is specific to each model of vehicle. We are developing the hitch as we go along to adapt to the different models of the most widespread vans.

We recommend installing reinforced suspensions springs on the rear axle to increase driving comfort.

What is necessary?
An electrical harness on the vehicle side (ideally 13 pins).

Configure yours

Choose the options and modules for your adventure, depending on your vehicle.