This is SKEP.

C'est ça la SKEP.

The genesis

Before the project, there are mainly two friends, learning in the same class in Albi. We get along well, especially because we both like mechanics. Théo is a good handyman and I have been touching my ball in what has been my profession for 4 years, design.

One day, Theo arrives at school with a van he wants to set up. For him, it's a family affair. Already little, he would go away with his parents and his brother for weeks on end, the van loaded to the brim.

It's time to grow up ...

Personally, I don't know much about it out of the historic combi. But after the first weekend in his VW T4, I immediately catch the virus! And he never left me, and that's good, because we found ourselves working in the same company of rope access workers in the construction industry.
Among rope access technicians, vanners are legion. So there, watch out for the eyes : Transporters, Trafic, an LT35, a Master. From the old DIY converted van to the standard Multivan. There is even a Bedford!

There, it is too much! I sell the Peugeot 206 and let's go! After months of research, it's good, I found it! My VW T4 VR6! Let's go for the converting phase. I go through all the phases: "where to put the bed?", "What section of cable?", "Will I have enough storage?".
But it's done! He is ready. Here I am driving, proud as a rooster, in my campervan. Always eyeing the off-road vans, the all-purpose syncro and two-tone California.


But as we all know, there is always a lack of space. We always want to take more gear, more water, more bikes ... enough to extend the adventure. And above all, personalized equipment according to your trip. For Théo, it was canisters, a large cargo box and a spare wheel ... enough to be autonomous for as long as possible. As for me, it was an outdoor kitchen, a large solar shower and my bikes!

We quickly thought of making a solution to answer our problem. Something practical, solid. Something that would remain easily accessible and that would not interfere with access to the van. So we did the sketches and we went to the design. We absolutely didn't want to drill into the van. So we had to pick up on the existing hitch points.


We dismantled my hitch to redesign it, improve it and make it more resistant mechanically. We have applied this principle to whole gear carrier to design a robust product that lasts over time!

The design made, we were able to manufacture it. Finally ! We mounted it and we did some road tests, we put weight on it… everything corresponded to our calculations.

We couldn't wait to show off the gear carrier to our fellow vanners. The concept interested many people, especially by its modularity. We discovered that others saw things in this carrier that we hadn't thought of. We found ourselves dreaming of making it even better thanks to the advice of the community with different experiences.

So here we are! We give it a go, make a living from our passions: designing solid and durable systems, prototyping… and the van! We set up the SKEP!