A community Story #3

Communauté van aménagé
Hi we are Léa & Paul, the happy owners of Marcelino, our converted van!

Lovers of nature and travel, we were quickly seduced by the idea of acquiring and fitting out a van to explore new horizons. This is where the NomadVanture project was born. After having gone through many adventures with our van, we wanted to share our advice to help others who are also embarking on this adventure. It was at this point that we both had the urge to create our own website detailing all the steps we took.

Our next challenge? A tour of Europe in our Marcelino van in the summer of 2022 while developing our concept and our respective freelance activities.


In September 2020, we bought Marcelino, a 2016 Citröen Jumper L2H2 with only 60,000 km on the clock. You can't miss it with its flamboyant red colour!

We have completely fitted out our van to be autonomous throughout the seasons: two solar panels, a diesel heater, a double bed, plenty of storage space, an outdoor shower and the little bonus: an awning to take full advantage of the outside. All the necessary comfort for our road trips and to practice our passion for outdoor activities (hiking, biking and paddle).


Paul works in web marketing and Lea is training in copywriting. We have decided to take a year off to discover and explore many European countries in our van.                                          
This summer we are heading to Scandinavia and will be adventuring in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Then we will travel through Germany and Austria to the Baltic States. As we want to take advantage of the beautiful seasons throughout our journey, we will complete the itinerary with the south of Europe between Italy, Spain and Portugal. This is a great programme for a year of discovery for two and a return to France planned for the summer of 2023, unless our adventures take us to other horizons.


During our road trip this summer, we travelled through the Chartreuse Massif and we fell in love with this region. Through beautiful hikes on the mountainside and mountain bike trails, we were able to admire beautiful green landscapes.

We were able to enjoy and explore the surroundings with our van in the middle of nature. If you are in the area, this Massif is a must-see!


After a year of hindsight on our development and our first destinations in van, we advise you to plan your activities and your spots to be able to fully enjoy your adventures. Of course you have to leave room for the unknown and the discoveries you will make on your way. But planning your activities, your desires (a hike, a visit etc..) and your spot for the night allows you to enjoy your day to the fullest.

Personally, we use a couple of apps on a daily basis for our road trips: visorando and Komoot, for hiking and biking. To find our spots, Park4Night and Google Maps are very useful.    


Concerning the fitting out of your van, we advise you first to note down all your wishes (fixed bed, table, shower, toilet) before starting the work. Then to make your plans, everyone has their own technique: 3D plan or simply on a sheet of paper with a pencil. The main thing is to be able to place everything you need in the right dimensions to facilitate your future layout. Indeed, your layout must correspond to your lifestyle. If you are more of a summer user or a year-round user like us, the living space will not necessarily be the same.

There are many different ways to design a house and it is easy to get lost. But don't worry, there's a lot of support in the van design community. Don't hesitate to join specialised groups on Facebook and ask the fitters directly.

For all the more technical installations (electricity, gas and water), we have learned a lot from Youtube videos. One thing is for sure: it's worth it!