A community story # 2

Communauté van aménagé
3backpackers are Xavier, Marie, Axel and Pinpon951, and we are preparing our first big van trip between 2022 and 2023.


Pinpon951 is a Peugeot Boxer Dangel (4 × 4 permanent) L3H2 from 2008, with 180,000km on the clock, which we are in the process converting it by ourselves. Before buying this old ambulance from the firefighters, we had rented 2 vans (California T6 and Combi T2) and a converted van (Chausson V594 Max Anniversary) which will serve as a model for our layout.


Xavier is an interior designer, Marie is a school teacher and Axel is a growing backpacker, and our project is to take an 11-month break in our lives at 100 miles an hour, to enjoy with the family, and to discover the world with our son who will be 3 years old at the time of departure. This Road-Trip will take us through the roads of Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, ...) to the North Cape, where we hope to see the Northern Lights, and spend Christmas in Rovaniemi in Finland, the village of Santa Claus, before going down through the Baltic States to the Dolomites in Italy, and returning to France in the summer of 2023. To carry out this project we are giving ourselves a little over a year to transform an ambulance in a cozy, all-terrain, comfortable nest!


Our best memory so far is our first experience with this way of life; a stay of a few days with our 8 month old baby, in a VW T6 California Confort. In the fall of 2019, we spent a night in the snow in the Iraty forest in the Basque Country. We felt free and alone in the world, surrounded by nature!


We are only at the first miles of our adventure, but all we can wish for is to dare to take the plunge! Do not be afraid to arrange your own vehicle, so that it meets your needs perfectly! The best is to go through a rental phase like we did, to see what suits us best before buying.