A community story # 1

Communauté van aménagé
My name is Grégoire, I am 32 years old and I have been traveling in a van for many years.


From a very young age, the family car has been an old VW T4 Caravel without turbo from 1994 (which still drives), my first big van trip was to Australia. With my first pay, I was able to buy myself a 2.5L TDI T4, which I gradually fitted out to end up with a truck with all the necessary comforts, it has current (12v and 220v), water , and even a stationary gas heater. This beautiful T4 is going to continue its journey with my little sister, in fact as the family is growing, we have purchased a VW T6.1 with 6 seat places.


I have been a rope access technician for the previous 8 years, but since January I have created the company VANomad to devote myself to van converting (individuals and professionals), while keeping a certain simplicity and efficiency in the process. At the same time, with 2 friends, we also created VAN ESCAPADE LOCATION, for the rental of small vans, homemade, with lots of charm from La Rochelle and soon from Rennes.


As far as my Van trips are concerned, they are all memorable but the most intense has surely been the one in Australia, because it was the first on the other side of the world, in a dream setting and over 9 months. We were traveling in an old Mazda 1800e from 1984, top speed at 90km / h that gives you time to admire the scenery. We traveled a little over 22,000 km like that, going through crazy landscapes and meeting some really great people.


As a tip, the pressure solar shower is really great, you can do anything with it. Whether it's a shower or a quick wash, rinsing your feet when coming home from the beach or rinsing when you get out of a surf session, but also the dishes and the little housework. And above all, to remain simple during the trip, taking care to adapt your behavior according to the spot (remain discreet when it is exposed and spread out when you are alone in the world) to be able to take advantage of this means of travel full of freedom, the longest time possible.