Marie and Jonathan - ambassador programme #1

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The first customer feedback from an ambassador on the Jacquard® gear-carrier!

Marie and Jonathan were planning to travel to Scandinavia with their 3 children and their dog for 3 months in their Renault Trafic converted by Hanroad. The lack of clean water in their tank and the lack of space decided them to find a palliative solution. This solution turned out to be the Jacquard® gear-carrier. They contacted us at the end of 2021 and we offered them to be part of the ambassador programme.

Just before their departure we were able to assemble their Jacquard® with a configuration: double jerry can holder and crate holder. As a result, they can now carry an extra 40 litres of water and all the necessary equipment with a double crate, giving them 240 litres of extra storage space.

Porte-matériel Jacquard®
Here is their opinion after more than a month of using the gear-carrier: "The Jacquard® has met our expectations, we have gained autonomy in water and space without losing mobility. It is easy to use, even for our children. After a month on Norwegian roads with their potholes, it is still as reliable as when it was first installed. It has become indispensable to us.

Porte-matériel bras ouverts

Their trick: put a bag normally meant to be placed on a spare wheel on the side of the carrier to store their rubbish outside!