Co-designing : a community made of steel

Communauté SKEP skepers
Co-designing is at the center of the development of SKEP. In this article we want to tell you why and how we use co-designing.

Professional deformation...

To start with an anecdote, at the beginning of the project, we were afraid. Yes, we were afraid of having our idea stolen. Professional deformation probably... in our engineering professions, it is not customary to show one's inventions before the launch.

And yet, co-designing is in the van's DNA. We can assure you that we spent a lot of time on van groups, on Facebook, on Instagram, on forums and everywhere where we could discuss different topics: "how to build a campervan", "how to insulate it the best way", "what are the best spots" etc. And it's true that the community exchanges tips and tutorials on hundreds of topics! Sharing and helping each other is an integral part of this community.

Originally, we wanted to develop our product in secret, so that no one could copy us, and then do a big launch. But as we met people, we realized that we couldn't properly develop our project by keeping it secret.

The revelation

Being able to talk about our project, sharing it and especially listening to what the people around us had to say, was a real trigger! It allowed us to confront our preconceived ideas and thus to progress.

From that moment on, we decided to make it one of the foundations of our development. Discussing, debating, agreeing (sometimes disagreeing...) with all the stakeholders of the SKEP project: the future customers, our subcontractors, the community figures (Gresgway, InstantVanlife) and the other companies that share our values (Stylevan, Yescapa). This is how the SKEP community was born, whose name was found by one of the members (thanks Victor!): the Skepists.

The Skepists are all these people with whom we can exchange to make the gear carrier evolve, to develop new products and, in a general way, to make SKEP progress on the right way.

The power of the SKEP community

Concretely, we have created the "SKEP CO-CREATION" group on Facebook, to communicate easily and directly with the community. To give you a specific example of contribution, we became aware of the importance of the integration of the hitching ball thanks to the feedbacks on the Facebook group.

This is just one of the many ideas you have already shared with us and that we are working on. Here are some others: the development of a new module that improves water management, the development of the gear carrier on other types of vehicles and the organization of a SKEP gathering to admire your configurations!

Thanks to all the Skepists for writing the history of the SKEP.