Brigitte and Michel - ambassador programme #2

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The second customer feedback from the ambassador programme!

Brigitte and Michel are among the SKEP ambassadors, they own a Jacquard®. With the period of health crisis, they have not had the opportunity to leave for 2 years. These young retirees intend to make up for it and they left for 1 month between Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy as soon as their equipment carrier was installed. On the programme: hiking, mountains, mountain biking and gastronomy. We let them tell us about their experiences and adventures with the Jacquard®.

"Finally easy to charge the 2 electric bikes, to set them up; the Jacquard® / Thule combo allows Michel to install the 2 bikes in 5 minutes; very easy despite the weight and nothing protrudes from the California roof. Secured with a biker's U-lock. It is easy to park anywhere. The only improvement to be made is a reversing camera, which we will do when we return.

On the other side is a box for storing anything that might be wet or dirty and the Cadac barbecue with its gas bottle. The Bigfic box is full and easy to manoeuvre. Other uses for this box: a much used outdoor cooking spot: at just the right height, the inside of the open lid serves as a tray and in the fully open position the arm moves the cooking spot under the awning; on rainy days the umbrella protects the cooking.

Porte-matériel Jacquard®

Great facility, can be used all the time: no limit because of the weather now for outdoor cooking. Another unexpected use; Michel uses the box as a work table for his watercolour sessions: good height for standing work, ideal work surface. The only thing left to do is to optimize the wind management, whether for cooking or watercolour painting: the flexible side protections fixed by magnets that Michel hastily cobbled together before their departure are a prototype to be improved.

Porte-matériel bras ouverts
In short, after a month and 2000 km of use, the California 4 Motion / SKEP gear rack combo is what we've been missing since we first got into van leisure. At the campsites we've been to, it gets the attention of all the van users; we're the attraction of the neighbours."

Porte-caisse SKEP