The modules : how do they work ?

Modules porte-matériel Jacquard
Now it's time to show you how the modules on the gear carrier work! As you may have discovered with the 3D configurator, it is entirely modular according to the needs of the adventure.

In this article, we will recommend the modules, describe how they work and detail the references we have tested. We would like to point out that we have no partnership with the products presented via the links below. 

Once you have ordered your gear carrier, you can equip it with your favourite accessories. When we designed it, we had one priority in mind: to offer the possibility to use the equipment we already have. Our goal is to build an open and sustainable eco-system. If you already have equipment that is compatible with the carrier, you don't have to buy new equipment (basically doing the opposite of Apple)!

For the future, our goal is to manufacture SKEP modules that fully correspond to our values: French manufacturing, durability, innovation and always compatible with the first gear carriers sold.

There are 3 categories of modules:

The "heavy" ones: box holder and double canister holder which can be installed on the lower level of the PM.

The "light" ones: wheel holder, single jerry can holder, tool holder which can be installed on the lower and upper floors

The "vertical" ones: bike/ski rack which can be installed on the whole arm

It is therefore not possible to combine, for example, a bike/ski rack module with a box holder on the same arm. It is also not possible to put a "heavy" module on the upper level of the PM.

Let's go through each module in detail:

The box holder

It consists of a tray allowing the transport of boxes with a maximum size of 650x500x700mm. In some cases, it will be possible to install larger crates vertically, but this has yet to be tested 😉

The box can be screwed directly to the tray with a counter plate supplied with the box holder :

It can also be strapped to the tray thanks to the "H" holes we left.

To limit the risk of theft, it is also possible to add a cable between the box holder and the structure of the gear carrier.

So you have the choice to choose the case that suits your needs. Nevertheless, we have tested this box and we approve of it:

Its advantage is that it can be positioned with the opening upwards or at the front and that its thick aluminium walls form a solid base.


The SIMULBAR (bike/ski rack): our device allows the simulation of roof bars. This makes all bike and ski rack rails that fit on roof bars compatible. We can install 2 bikes and in some cases 3 (child bike) on the SIMULBAR.

Here are 2 examples of bike rails:

Photo credit: Thule

The SIMULBAR alone:

There are 2 types of bike rails for roof racks:

Rails that hold the bike by the fork. These bike racks limit the height of the vehicle and therefore allow you to go under 2m. As the front wheel is removed, it is necessary to add a front wheel support of this type:

The rails that allow the whole bike to be transported. The Thule ProRide is a good example: They have the advantage that the front wheel of the bike does not have to be removed to load it onto the rack. On the other hand, the van is more than 2m high. Another advantage is that there is no need to buy a front wheel rack, as the front wheel is not removed from the bike.

Most of these bike rails can carry bikes up to 20kg. This will allow you to carry most electric bikes without their battery and front wheel.

As with the box holder, we have chosen to give you the option of using the bike carrier/ski of your choice.

We always strap the bikes to the rack, so you can ride on rough roads and (very) bumpy tracks without worrying about loading the rack.

We have used several bike racks on our different prototypes:

Peruzzo ROLLE 701: Basic bike carrier that will allow you to carry your bikes at a lower cost:

Peruzzo Pure Instinct : Bike carrier rail with an anti-theft system :

Our favourite, which we have been using for about 12,000km now, is the Thule TopRide combo for the bike and the Thule Front Wheel Holder for the front wheel. 
With this rail, the bike is securely mounted on the gear carrier in seconds. The same applies to the wheel. Both products are equipped with steel cables that can be locked with a key to secure the bikes :

The SIMULBAR can also be used to transport your skis thanks to the roof ski racks:

Photo credit: Thule

We use the Thule SnowPack M ( which can carry up to 4 pairs of skis. Here is an example with wide skis and snowboard:

The jerrycan holders

Let's move on to the transport of fuel and/or water. For this purpose, we have developed 2 jerrycan holders:

A simple one to carry 1 jerrycan. It is secured against theft and siphoning thanks to a padlockable strap
A double one to carry 2 jerrycans. Same security principle as for the single version.

These 2 modules are designed to carry jerrycans with a capacity of 20L.

We often use these modules to carry water in order to gain autonomy. In this case, we use food-grade plastic jerrycans.

The wheel carrier

Afraid of a puncture? We have designed a spare wheel holder that allows the different sizes of wheels on the vehicles to be fitted. There will be a version for vans (5 holes) and a version for some vans with 6 holes.

The tool rack

If you have unused space on the PM and you want to play it rough, the tool carrier is for you. It consists of a perforated tray where you can strap all kinds of equipment.

The next modules

As you know, our goal is to make the gear carrier live in the future. That's why we will continue to develop modules according to YOUR needs that you will submit to us on the Facebook group "SKEP Co-creation" (we are told in the earpiece that the motorbike carrier is very much expected...).

We would like to thank you for reading this article, please visit our social networks if you have any questions!

Pascal & Théo